Innovative, new images from PhotoStroud


Welcome back to Beyond the Comfort Zone part 2

We’re pleased to announce that as part of Stroud’s site12 festival, Beyond the Comfort Zone part 2 will be showing even more new, cutting edge photographic works at the Landsdown Gallery from 25th-30th May.

Photographers are continually searching for new ways of expressing their ideas through the medium.
Often what is seen in exhibitions is the result of many years of experiment, but this show invites the exhibitors to go beyond their comfort zone and exhibit only very recent, explorative images.
By challenging photographers to take new subjects, experiment with new approaches, techniques and processes, the show offers an insight into works which are still going through the various stages of refinement, reworking and fine tuning.
Each photographer has gone through an angst-ridden and harrowing time in selecting and submitting their images to the Public gaze, but feel that through their choices they are moving on their own creative practice.

This exhibition builds on our original, controversial show which was held at Ruskin Mill, Nailsworth from November 5th – 17th  2011

For more information on events and exhibition happening during the site festival please follow the link below to he full online catalogue.